Have questions? OH MAN, do we have answers. Question not answered here? SUBMIT IN COMMENTS.

Warning: Bride & Groom not punctual in responding to comments. Ask via email or Facebook if urgent, important, or uh, private.

FINALLY. God. What took so friggin’ long?
We’re lazy.

How did Aaron propose to Anh?
To be revealed.

How long have you guys been together?
Well, we met in 1999, and started dating at some point in the next two years. Near as we can figure, around 9 or 10 years.

So, I hear this shindig is going to be in Rehoboth/Dewey Beach. What gives? Aren’t you guys like, from Vienna or something?
Um, yeah, but who doesn’t like being at the beach better than being stuck in traffic for forty minutes trying to get to Meadowlark from Oakton? Also, the beach has been the setting for some of our great memories together, and we’d like nothing better than for you to also experience a place we love. And, Rehoboth is a heck of a lot closer than Osaka.

What is the dress code for your festivities/How should I pack?
Well, there are a couple of things that can be said about that. Keep in mind, everything is happening at the beach. In June. In Delaware. Sooooo, pretty friggin’ warm during the day, and cool-ish at night.

Our suggestions would be as follow, and if these don’t help, don’t hesitate to email the bride. The groom is probably only concerned that you show up fully dressed. Also keep in mind you’ll probably end up in a million photographs.
Ceremony/Reception: Beachy Cocktail & 1950’s Party Glam.
Brunch: Neat casual

When packing, a swimsuit, flip-flops, and a light sweater or hoodie may not go amiss, given the breeze coming off the ocean at night. Also, sunscreen.

Is Azami going to be in the Wedding Party?
We would like her to be, but that may not work out dependent on like…code and stuff.

Where ya going for the honeymoon?
Mmmm…probably somewhere in Asia.

How many Trans are going to be there?
Oh, at least a million.




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