If you’re here, it’s probably because you know us, and are invited (yay!) to our impending nuptial cele-bray-shons, so you don’t really need to know about us (since you probably know…way more than you want to already :P).  If you’re here by accident or other chance:

Aaron: Bad Jew. Coffee addict. Voracious reader. Hot sauce connoisseur. Rationalist, prone to occasional bouts of professorialism. Cyclist. Legal eagle. Biochemistry nerd.

Anh: Bad Catholic. Overly fond of bacon. Book hoarder. Chess pie scientist.  Debrouillard, prone to frequent bouts of overt sassiness. Runner. Architect-in-progress. Anthro & design nerd.

Things we’re totally into: Earl Grey tea, new restaurants (food in general, really), travel, Japan, books (omg, the books), coffee, design, art, beer, arguing (politely known as debate), bickering about our alma maters, late nights, diners, cities, shopping, shoes (okay, that’s just Anh), did I mention books?, fast cars, music, and generally all-round good times.

With our powers combined, we are one extremely nerdy (and obviously, awesome!) couple.

…We’re glad you still talk to us.




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