It’s a slow, slow, burn.

The problem with starting the planning process early-ish, and given the fact that I’m like, a compulsive list-maker/planner/monster-overcommitter when it comes to big events, is starting off strong and then…waaaaaiting. Like, seriously, I feel like I should have more shit done, ya know? Even though I have like, nine months left to go.

As it is, I have spoken to (and agreed upon/with) photographers (the adorable and very talented ForYouLoveMe), so will hopefully have engagement shoot done by November. Then, I’ll send out the save-the-dates. I’ve already done some preliminary layouts for the invitations, so I just need to actually um…make…some…of…the…bits, and then I’ll feel a little bit further along. And in case you hadn’t noticed, in the traditional sense, I am using this blog as procrastination (no, never! How could it be?), cuz technically…I should be working on my project for Site Planning. Whatever! Procrastination is the soul of design! Okay, maybe that should read “desperation + caffeine is the soul of design,” but like I said…whatever!

And just so you can see what’s percolating, some dress inspirations; heavy on the Alexander McQueen (seriously…I am so sad that he’s gone), because he’s one of my favorite designers of all time (OF ALL TIME!), and one of my favorite dresses – Christian Dior’s “Junon.”

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled architecture homework.


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