Ambitious. Also stupid.

But definitely ambitious. Always ambitious 😛

So, because I’m a glutton for punishment, control-freaky design nerd perfectionist, I’ve been goin’ round in circles about the Design of our impending nuptials. I can’t help it – it’s a sickness in the blood.

Having settled on some major elements (Colors! Theme! Venue!) and working on others (Dress! Photographers! Music!), this is where I begin my list of CRAP I NEED TO DO (with Aaron’s help, of course.)

I know, I know, you’re all going, “WOMAN. YOU NEED TO CHECK YO’SELF BEFO’ YOU WRECK YO’SELF.” But, here’s the thing: I friggin’ love making stuff. Love. L-O-V-E.  Let’s have a Marxism moment, shall we? Separation from means of production, increasingly white-collar knowledge-trader jobs…I HUNGER FOR CONNECTION TO MY CREATIVE PROCESS. And that insane piece of my brain that doodles on everything and writes and does is experiencing low blood sugar.   My conclusion is therefore that this entire process of makery (-bakery) is cathartic and necessary.  AND LEADS TO MUCH AWESOME, which is motivational in and of itself.

So, beginning tasks:

– Design save the dates

– Design invitations

– Design archy-bower-thingie SHUT UP WHATEVER THING. Man, I haven’t even started making it and I’m cranky. I apologize in advance, stupid bower-thing. I love you. For real.

– Design signage and other paper goods, e.g. menus.


Oh, you wanted imagery? Meet my wedding color-swatch, created by a quick Frankenshop of some of the lovely palettes developed at the (very inspirational) With This Ring.


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