Pictures and other details are forthcoming, but starting to transition this blog into an everyday-sort-of-thang… Advertisements

These just went out.

Just a snippet and preview of our invitations…drawn and designed by me. Couldn’t have gotten them assembled without a crack team of minions (Aaron, George, Kimi, and Liz). Image 1: Preview from Page 3 of our opening “comic book”. Image 2: Our invitation “logo”. Image 3: A quick snap of my coffee table…covered in invitation … Continue reading

All work and no play…

…make Anh go something something… No, it’s not that bad. I’m just a little overwhelmed, is all. (“I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed…but can you ever just be…whelmed?”) As Janie says, I need to stay FOCUSED ON THE MACRO – the details will come later. Winter’s fading into spring, which … Continue reading


I’m sure you came over here looking for wedding information. Well, HAHA! Look at our AWESOME DOG INSTEAD! Please ignore the dudes behind the curtain, who are scrambling madly to do wedding jazz.  MORE INFO COMING SOON. Swearsies.


I’m still here, still chugging, and just beginning to spaz now that I’ve suddenly realized I have FIVE AND A HALF MONTHS TO FINISH EVERYTHING. Holy. Shit. Like, there’s so much to do! I mean, yeah, we have venue and photographer and working on dress/suit/etc. but OH. MY. GOD. I have so many things to … Continue reading

It’s a slow, slow, burn.

The problem with starting the planning process early-ish, and given the fact that I’m like, a compulsive list-maker/planner/monster-overcommitter when it comes to big events, is starting off strong and then…waaaaaiting. Like, seriously, I feel like I should have more shit done, ya know? Even though I have like, nine months left to go. As it … Continue reading

Ambitious. Also stupid.

But definitely ambitious. Always ambitious 😛 So, because I’m a glutton for punishment, control-freaky design nerd perfectionist, I’ve been goin’ round in circles about the Design of our impending nuptials. I can’t help it – it’s a sickness in the blood. Having settled on some major elements (Colors! Theme! Venue!) and working on others (Dress! … Continue reading

What? A wedding? Whoa.

First things first, right? Wedding’s set for June 4, 2011. This blog is to keep our friends and family informed, provide more detailed when-where-what stuff,  and also track the planning process, and then…after the festivities, who knows what it’ll turn into. I have meager aspirations for this, but do you think I can resist a … Continue reading